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   Weekly Abstract from AEHS Foundation West Coast Conference 2008  


Case Study:  Remediation of Large In-Situ MTBE Plume via Chemical Oxidation


Charles E. Blanchard and Matt W. Derby



Methyl tertiary-butyl ether (MTBE) is a common groundwater contaminant resulting from leaks in underground storage tank (UST) systems.  Unlike gasoline hydrocarbons, MTBE has a relatively high solubility in water, which can lead to the formation of large, mobile dissolved-phase plumes.  Typically, these large plumes are remediated by means of a dedicated remediation system that includes groundwater pump-and-treat as required to maintain hydraulic control of the plume.  The cost of installing and operating these pump-and-treat systems can be quite high.  In addition, the time required to install and permit these systems may allow continued plume migration.


As a case study, GES will present the remediation of an MTBE plume via short-term chemical oxidation events. The plume had a large areal extent and depth down to 50 feet into the aquifer.  Short-term chemical oxidation events using GES’ mobile HypeAir® injection process to treat the MTBE plume provided an aggressive remedial approach that eliminated the expenses associated with a dedicated treatment system.  This case study will discuss site assessment, a life-cycle cost comparison between dedicated remediation systems and short-term chemical injection events, chemical injection methodology, and future planned remedial activities. 


This presentation will also explore recent advances in GES’ patented Six-Phase® chemical oxidation process as a low-cost means to remediate soil and groundwater.  The technology combines liquid oxidants and gases for aggressive injection in soil and groundwater to address significant source reduction in all contaminant phases (adsorbed, dissolved, and LNAPL).  The technology uses up to six oxidation species (ozone, hydrogen peroxide, oxygen, persulfate, hydroxyl radicals, and sulfate radicals) to aggressively remediate contaminated soil and groundwater within a short time frame.


Charles E. Blanchard, P.E.

Groundwater & Environmental Services, Inc., 5046 Commercial Circle, Suite F, Concord, CA 94520, cblanchard@gesonline.com, Telephone: (925) 580-2754, Fax:  (925) 825-2021


Matthew W. Derby, P.E.

Groundwater Environmental Services, Inc., P.O. Box 4501, Tulsa, Oklahoma, 74159-0501, mderby@gesonline.com, Telephone: (978) 490-0756


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